Satilla REMC does NOT accept resumes at any of our four offices. Vacant positions are listed with the GA Department of Labor (DOL). Requests for applicants to fill vacant positions will be sent to the Waycross office of the GA DOL. In addition, requests for applicants may also be sent to the Douglas, Vidalia and/or Brunswick DOL offices if the posted position is to be located in one of these service areas.

The Waycross office of the GA DOL maintains a list of individuals who are specifically interested in obtaining employment with Satilla REMC.  If and when Satilla REMC requests applicants from the Waycross office to fill a vacant position, notification will first be sent to those individuals on the list that meet the position requirements.  Individuals desiring to be added to this list should contact the Waycross office of the GA DOL to request their contact information be added.  Once on the list, it may be necessary for an individual to contact the Waycross office of the GA DOL periodically to renew their request and keep it active.

Current Job Openings: