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April 19, 2016 ALERT: While processing the current month’s electric bills, an error was made and Satilla inadvertently billed a group of Members twice. As a result of this error, a second bill was mailed to many of our members. If you receive multiple bills this month, you can simply disregard the second bill you received. We apologize for any inconvenience this error may have caused.
If you have additional concerns, please call one of Satilla REMC Offices toll free at (888) 738-6926. Satilla’s Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are aware of the problem and are prepared to address the matter personally with you.


August 2015: Satilla REMC Payment Updates

April 2015 Georgia Magazine: EPA Rules Threaten Reliable, Affordable Electricity

March 2015 Georgia Magazine: We Must Stop the US from Becoming the Next Germany

While EMCs have serious concerns with the EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan, Georgia’s EMCs have worked diligently in support of HB 57, legislation sponsored by Rep. Mike Dudgeon and others, which expands consumer options in solar energy. Congratulations to Rep. Dudgeon and all who worked tirelessly on the successful passage of this legislation, which now awaits Governor Deal’s signature. Read one of the many stories on this legislation.

For more information about Oglethorpe Power, Georgia EMC, Georgia Transmission and Georgia System Operations Corporation, and how these statewide organizations serve the state’s 41 EMCs, click here.


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