Billing Options

Satilla REMC’s statement billing format provides an informative breakdown of the total charges for your electric service, plus comparison data and graphs.

Satilla REMC accepts payments at any of our offices by cash, check, money order, debit or credit card. We accept telephone payments made by e-check, debit or credit card. We also offer the following billing and payment options for your convenience:

Living on a budget? Would having your electric bill be about the same every month help you stay within your budget? Consider Satilla’s Levelized Billing Program. Levelized billing is a system that averages your bills for the last 12 months on a continual basis. Averaging your bill smooths out the extreme seasonal variations, both highs and lows, to produce a more levelized amount each month. The system does not produce a bill of the exact same amount each month. What it does produce is a bill that will vary only slightly when compared to the normal seasonal fluctuations that you experience during the air conditioning and heating seasons. The calmer months of the year absorb the extreme variations to create your levelized billing.

Who is eligible for Levelized Billing?
- Available to residential accounts only
- Account must be at zero balance to enroll
- Account must have 12 months history on the same rate
- Member’s payment history must show no returned checks and less than two (2) delinquents within the past 12 months

If you meet the qualifications and are interested in your electricity bills being around the same each month, visit any Satilla REMC office today. You may enroll in the Levelized Billing Program in person or fill out the inquiry form below to request more information.
You can elect to eliminate the paper bill you receive each month by enrolling to receive your electric statement electronically. Complete the form below to enroll in Satilla’s E-Billing Program:
You can conveniently pay your bill online through our website using our Customer Service Portal located in the Pay Your Bill section. To set up a payment account, contact a Satilla REMC Customer Service Representative at (888) 738-6926 or fill out our Billing Inquiry Form below and we will contact you regarding your request.
If you are often busy or out of town, you can have your bill automatically drafted from your bank account or credit card account. To sign up, contact a Satilla REMC Customer Service Representative (888) 738- 6926 or fill out the inquiry form below to request more information.

Your privacy: Satilla REMC maintains a high level of confidentiality. We do not share information with any other organization and will treat clients’ personal information with care.