Satilla’s Pre-Pay Program

Satilla’s Pre-Pay Program allows members to pay for their electricity before it’s used. This gives members more flexibility and control over the use of their electricity.

Our Pre-Pay Program gives you the Freedom to Choose

  • Free from security deposits
  • Free from late fees
  • Free to set your payment schedule
  • Free to manage your electrical use

Who is eligible for Pre-Payment?
Most residential and general accounts are eligible. A Customer Service Representative (CSR) will assist you to determine if your account is eligible.

What are the costs?
New members with no application on file will be required to pay a membership fee of $5.00, an account establishment of $25.00, and a minimum of $75.00 for daily usage. Costs for current members to convert their accounts to Pre-Payment service will be determined by a CSR at the time of conversion.

Are there any deposits or late fees?
Pre-Payment accounts do not require a security deposit and are not charged late fees.

Where do I enroll?
New and existing members can apply for Pre-Payment service at any Satilla REMC Office.

How can I access my account?
Members can access their account information through Satilla REMC’s portal services or or by calling or visiting any Satilla REMC Office.

How will I know when my account is running low?
After the member is enrolled in the Pre-Payment program, he/she will be allowed to set up alerts and reminders on the account. Alerts can be sent in any combination using text messaging and email. Available alerts include: Account Profile Change, Returned Items, Low Balance Threshold, Service Connected, Service Disconnected, Service Reconnect and Payment Confirmation.

What happens if my account balance is depleted?
The service will be automatically disconnected. Members will receive low balance alerts prior to being disconnected and will receive alerts once the power has been disconnected.

How do I reconnect my power if it has been disconnected?
Members can recharge their account at any Satilla REMC office during regular business hours; or at any time: night or day, by phone or online. Upon the processing of the required minimum payment, the service will be automatically restored within thirty (30) minutes.