Understanding Your Bill

Click the image below to open in a new tab for a larger version. Use the numbers on this page to learn more about that reference to the red numbers in the image below.

Sample bill with red reference numbers in different areas that refer to the items on the numbered list on this page.

Your Account ID The unique number assigned to you by Satilla to identify you, your account, and physical location. Please reference this account number on your checks when paying your bill or when you call with questions about your account status.
The name of the person responsible for the account.
Schedule used to determine proper billing calculation for your particular service type.
Number used by Satilla to locate your service.
The meter serial number is an eight-digit number stamped on a metal plate located beneath the meter reading display on the face of your meter.
Number used by Satilla to locate your service.
Lists your beginning and ending dates of usage.
The number of days billed this month.
See explanation located on the bottom left of the statement portion of your bill. See #26
The actual previous meter reading and the actual present meter reading used to calculate current kilowatt hour (KWh) usage.
Number used by Satilla to represent a group of meters in a particular billing period.
A scaling (multiplication) factor used by some meters to determine proper power usage.
The kilowatt hour (kWh) used during the current period.
Dollar amounts associated with programs and services received.
Itemized listing of programs and services and corresponding amounts owed or credited. Here you will see itemized your basic service charges plus security lights and other items. Itemized listing of payments or other activity in your account since the last statement, similar to your monthly bank statement.
Actual physical address for the account billed.
Comparisons of the following:
Days Service: The number of days in the billing cycle.
Total kWh: The kilowatt hour (kWh) used during the period.
Avg. kWh/Day: The average daily kilowatt hour (kWh) usage.
Cost Per Day: The daily cost of electricity consumed for the period.
Current Billing Period: Includes service days in this bill, total kilowatt hours used (kWh) and average daily usage. This will vary according to holidays and bad weather.
Includes service days in the last bill, total kilowatt hours used (kWh) and average daily usage.
A comparison of usage for a year ago and includes service days, total kilowatt hours used (kWh), average daily usage and average cost per day.
The total amount of all charges on your bill. This amount represents the total payment you should remit no later than the DUE DATE listed on the bill.
The actual date the bill should be paid.
This amount includes your electricity charges plus a penalty for late payment and the amount is due after the DUE DATE has passed.
A chart representing your account history for a thirteen-month period.
A monthly message from your co-op.
A list of bill types used to identify your current monthly bill. See item “9.”