Residential Solar

Thinking About Installing Solar Panels at Your Home?

Follow these steps to make the best decision for your electric needs.

  1. Contact your local EMC! We can explain the application process and help you understand your usage and what to expect from solar.


  1. Check out this link to Green Power EMC that answers many frequently asked questions.

  1. Research your solar provider on the Better Business Bureau website.

  1. Ask for a local referral --a customer served by the solar provider who had panels installed six months prior or more.
  1. Check out our solar assessment tool below. This tool can help you more accurately determine whether solar can benefit you!

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Call Before You Install!

Satilla’s energy advisors are here to help.


Get the Facts

As a member-oriented company, it’s important to us that our members know the facts before investing in solar. Listed below are many of the most frequent questions our members ask when considering adding solar.

Will rooftop solar eliminate my power bill?

As you consider rooftop solar, it is important to gain a full understanding of all aspects of the system. This includes the installation and maintenance costs, the amount of generation you may get from your system based on your roof orientation and shading, along with your hourly home consumption and current energy costs which can be provided by Satilla EMC.

Your rooftop solar system will only produce power when the sun is shining. On rainy days, your production will be very limited and even cloudy days can result in over a 60 percent reduction. The electric grid does not function as battery storage for any excess your system produces. Satilla EMC is your backup power supplier at night or when your system’s energy production does not meet your demand for electricity. You will still incur a monthly service charge of $30.00 plus the cost of any energy that is provided by Satilla. In fact, when financing and maintenance costs are factored in, you might easily pay more for your energy with solar panels. We recommend that anyone interested in solar carefully consider the costs and get guidance from reputable sources.

Will Satilla EMC buy any excess power?

Yes, Satilla EMC will purchase any excess power your system generates that you do not use. We will purchase power at the current wholesale power rate as documented in your interconnection agreement—not retail rates.

If my power goes out and I have a solar system, will I still have power?

In most cases you will not have energy from your solar panels during an outage unless you have also installed a battery storage system. Solar panels alone will not serve as a backup generator. Solar panels produce direct current (DC) electricity. This must be converted to alternating current (AC) in order to be utilized in your home. The inverter on your system makes this conversion and requires an energy source to operate.

If you are considering a residential solar installation, please review our Distributed Generation packet below. For more information, please call Member Services at 1-888-738-6926.

Distributed Generation Packet

This packet includes:

  1. Steps to Interconnect Distributed Generators of 20 KW or less capacity
  2. Board Policy BP-380
  3. Distributed Generation Net Billing Service Rider
  4. Drawing DG-OH and DG-UG

Satilla EMC Distributed Generation Interconnection Application

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