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To Report an Outage, Call
(888) 738-6926

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Please do not report your outage through Facebook or other social media applications. Our social media accounts are not tied into our outage system.

To serve you better during an outage, please make sure you keep your contact information up to date. Update your information by logging in to your account or calling (888) 738-6926.

Outage Center

Satilla REMC strives to deliver reliable service to all of our members. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, power outages do occur. When these power outages occur, Satilla often has hundreds or thousands of members calling in at once to report outages. In order to handle these calls, we maintain a state of the art automated outage reporting system. This is the fastest and most reliable way for our members to report an outage.

When You Experience a Power Outage

  1. Call 1-888-738-6926

  2. Press “1” to enter Satilla’s outage reporting system.

  3. Enter the account number for the account that is without power.
    (This is the easiest and most accurate way to enter an outage)

  4. If you don’t know your account number, the system should identify your account by your telephone number.

  5. If reporting an outage for an account other than your own, enter the account number or phone number for the location that is without power.

Note: When responding to questions in the outage system:

  • Press “1” or say “yes” for a “yes” response.
  • Press “2” or say “no” for a “no” response.


DO NOT approach, touch or attempt to move downed power lines or items that have fallen on them. These are extremely dangerous situations. Report all downed lines immediately by calling Satilla REMC’s 24 hour Emergency and Customer Service Line or 911.