Meco electric grills from Satilla EMC allow you to :

Cook rare and well done at the same time. The heating element on your new Meco grill adjusts easily to the dual level position so you can cook your companion’s steak well done while you keep yours rare.

You can also warm bread, grill steak or cook shrimp at the same time. Now you can do all of that with just one easy turn of the control handle.

Save energy and save money. Even in the highest electrical cost areas in the country, you can cook for an hour at the high temperature setting for just pennies. The same cooking time on a comparable size LP gas grill would cost twice as much, and a comparable size charcoal grill would cost about six times as much.

Deluxe Electric Grill

  • 200 square inches of usable cooking surface
  • Thermostatic controls, and variable 1670 watt, UL-listed heating element specifically designed for barbecuing
  • Three element positions
  • Heat-saving reflector plan
  • Pre-assembled hood and bowl
  • Standard 120-volt grounded plug
  • Sturdy cart with square tube legs
  • Sturdy wire lower shelf
  • Handy, fold away wooden side tables


  • 351 square inches of usable cooking surface
  • Removable thermostatic controls and variable 1650-watt, UL-listed heating element, low-medium-high settings
  • Standard 120-volt grounded plug
  • Converts to electric lock and go portable grill
  • Two nickel-plated cooking grids with handles for double-level cooking
  • Porcelainized, 5 ½ water pan
  • Sliding access door for checking and adding water levels