Locations Requiring Construction

You will need the following to establish an account:

  • Government issued picture identification
  • Rental receipt, lease agreement, or proof of purchase
  • Physical address for the location of service
  • Mailing address
  • Social Security number

In addition:

  • The applicant must sign a Membership Application
  • The applicant and property owner, if different, must sign a Right-of-Way easement and addendum.
  • The requirements for construction of new power lines vary by county. Our CSRs will advise you of these requirements.
  • Construction charges may apply. Satilla REMC’s Engineering Department will make this determination after visiting the property.
  • A $5.00 membership fee and an account establishment fee will be required of all new applicants. A Customer Service Representative will run a Credit Risk Assessment which will be used in determining the amount, if any, of security deposit.

Please contact a Customer Service Representative at (912) 632-7222 or (888) 738-6926 to get started!


Service Rules

Building Codes and Information