Satilla REMC Crews Help in Kentucky After Ice Storms

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Several crews from Satilla REMC made the trip to northeast Kentucky during February to help Clark Energy Cooperative after back-to-back winter storms covered the area in ice. Half of Clark Energy’s 20,000 Members lost power, and it took 12 long, cold days for a complete restoration. Along with the ice, frigid working conditions, slick roads and difficult terrain made the job even harder. Satilla REMC has a long history of sending and receiving help from other cooperatives during major storms.

This year, Satilla REMC was proud to offer an opportunity for each school in our nine-county service area to nominate two students to apply for Satilla REMC’s Washington Youth Tour (WYT) scholarship. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the traditional Washington Youth Tour—which includes a week in the nation’s capital—was canceled for the second straight year. Chloe Holton, Kara Morgan, Himil Patel and Cora Jane Tyre were selected as this year’s Washington Youth Tour Scholarship recipients. Satilla’s contest was open to high school seniors. We received 18 applications, and students came to Satilla’s headquarters in Alma in April to interview with a panel of judges. During the 30-minute interviews. the students were asked comprehensive questions about their thoughts, goals and plans and were quizzed on as cooperative history.

Satilla REMC, 928 Highway 32 East, Alma, is accepting bids for the purchase of its used utility poles. The procurement period runs for 12 months beginning July 2021. Bid packages, complete with specific requirements of Satilla REMC, are available immediately. All bid package requests should be addressed to John Sweat at (912) 632-7222, ext. 3527. Bids should be written and addressed to John Sweat, P. O. Box 906, Alma, GA, with “Pole Bid” written clearly on the envelope. Bidding closes on Thursday, July 8, 2021, at 2 p.m.

Summary of Bylaws Relating to the Committee on Nominations for the Election of Directors at the 2021 Annual Meeting

ARTICLE IV, SECTION 5. Nominations

It shall be the duty of the Board of Directors to appoint, prior to the next Annual Meeting, a committee on nominations consisting of three (3) Members from each District in which a Director is to be elected (the “Nominating Committee”). The Members on any such Nominating Committee must not be candidates for Director, incumbent Directors or close relatives (third cousin or closer) of known candidates for Directors, or incumbent Directors, and such Members of the Nominating Committee must not be Cooperative officers, employees or agents. The Nominating Committee shall prepare and post at the principal office of the Cooperative at least one hundred and five (105) days prior to the Annual Meeting, its nomination(s) for the office of Director for the counties represented by the Nominating Committee. Any one hundred fifty (150) or more Members from any District from which a Director is to be elected, acting together, over their signatures, and not less than ninety (90) days prior to the meeting, may make an additional nomination; provided that the signatures on all such nominations will be subject to verification (for the purpose of verification, the Member’s name shall be printed next to the Member’s signature). Should the ninetieth (90th) day fall upon a weekend or holiday, then said petition shall be due by 4:00 p.m. on the last working day prior to the weekend or holiday on which the ninetieth (90th) day actually occurs. The President/Chief Executive Officer, upon being personally presented with any such additional nomination(s) shall, immediately following verification of the validity of the petition by the Credentials and Election Committee, post such nomination(s) at the same place where the committee nominations are posted. No action taken by any Nominating Committee may be amended, repealed or in any way overruled by the Board of Directors, any committee thereof, or the Members.

The Secretary shall mail to the Members, with the notice of the meeting, or separately, but in any event at least five (5) days prior to the meeting, a statement of the names and addresses of each nominee, and opposing nominee(s), if any, showing nominee(s) nominated by the Nominating Committee separately from the nominee(s) nominated by petition, if any. After all nominations by the Nominating Committee and nomination(s) by petition, if any, have been verified and duly posted within the time limits prescribed above, the nominations will be closed, and there will be no nominations made from the floor, and there will be no write-in candidates. Provided, however, that one or more nominations may be made from the floor under the provisions set forth in Article IV, Section 10—Special Nominations and Elections. No Member of one District shall have any right to vote for the Director of another District, except (a) Brantley District Members who will vote with Pierce District Members for a Pierce District Director, (b) and Irwin and Ben Hill District Members who will vote with Coffee District Members for a Coffee District Director.

Districts up for election in 2021 are Bacon, Pierce and Ware. Appointed to the 2021 Nominations Committee for the Bacon District are Danny Stanaland, Benny Ray Carver and Larry Toler. Randy Bennett, Kevin Moore and Thomas Sauls have been appointed to serve on the 2021 Nominations Committee for the Pierce District. Appointed to the 2021 Nominations Committee for the Ware District are Bill Bryson, Larry Davis and Carley Hickox.

The Annual Meeting will be held Tuesday, October 12, 2021, at Memorial Stadium in Waycross, GA.


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